About Board Company

Board Company was founded in Scandinavia in 2011. Together with our growing alumni network, our mission is to build better businesses globally. We are committed to providing best practices through our intensive certificate programs and our community of life-long learning.

We empower board members and senior executives to deliver the leadership excellence that is capable of elevating their companies, delivering results and generating sustainable growth.

Our internationally recognised certificate programs have today been completed by more than 5,000 European business leaders.

We accept applications from executives, owner managers and board members looking to improve their professional skills, knowledge and network.

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Successful boards

A well-functioning board of directors can contribute to ensuring that a company operates in a responsible manner and is able to pave the way for sustained success. This is because effective corporate governance helps build confidence and trust with stakeholders, which include shareholders, customers, employees and society at large.

A responsible company that complies with the basic principles of corporate governance is also more inclined to satisfy regulatory requirements and stay clear of legal issues. Besides, a company operating in line with corporate governance can more easily attract investors and lenders as it gives them confidence that the company is capable of delivering strong performance in the long term.

That is why it is important for any company to have effective corporate governance practices in place to maintain responsible and sustainable operations. Companies should ensure that their boards are composed of talented and independent members, that internal control systems are in place to minimise risks and that their management adheres to high ethical standards.

Ultimately, a company adopting a corporate governance approach can benefit from gaining increased confidence and trust from stakeholders, which can facilitate greater success and sustainability in the long term.


Anders Rønnov-Jessen
Managing Partner

Anders Rønnov-Jessen