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The Board Certificate is conducted by high-profile board members from the business community. The program is characterised by embracing the practical aspects of board work.

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    Building Better Businesses

    The Board Certificate is an intensive education program developed in collaboration with KPMG and high-profile board members from the business community.

    On the first two days the program is centred around the key themes and issues you encounter in your work on the board. On the third day you will be tested in our interactive simulation game The Board Game.

    • Strengthen your professional skills
    • Best practice-inspiration
    • Latest trends within board work
    • Intensive 3-days program
    • High-level speakers
    • +5.000 have already completed the program in Europe

    Get an insight in our Board Ceretificate program

    More than 5,000 European senior executives and board members have already completed the Board Certificate. Strengthen your professional skills with Board Certificate.

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    Klaus Rytz

    Chairman of the Board & Partner, KPMG


    “A unique opportunity to learn from American business profiles and world-renowned professors from Columbia Business School. A program I highly recommend to experienced board members.”

    Frederik M. Braun (Direktør, Microsoft)
    Frederik M. Braun (Direktør, Microsoft)

    Frederik M. Braun

    Director, Microsoft


    “Good, professional and well organized education, where the teachers had a very high level. A strong foundation for any board member.”

    Frederik M. Braun (Direktør, Microsoft)

    Charlotte Levert

    VP, Ericsson


    “I really like the combination of theory and best-practice during the simulation game on the third day. The program is also a great opportunity to network with other leaders. I can definitely recommend this education!”

    Frederik M. Braun (Direktør, Microsoft)
    Lars Christian Brask

    Lars-Christian Brask

    Professional Board Member


    “At Board Forum, we meet to learn about the latest trends and developments in the boardroom. We leave a Board Forum meeting with greater insight than when we arrived.”

    Frederik M. Braun (Direktør, Microsoft)


    On the first day of the board education, the foundation for your board work is laid. Strong competences from our legal adviser and KPMG focus on the board’s legal and financial role. You will be familiarized with the board’s duties, laws and regulations as well as risk management, financial management and reporting.

    Once the legal and financial aspects of your board work are in place, we look at value-adding board work. With the help of professional board members, we dive into how you can create value in your board work – in addition to keeping track of finances and formalities.

    On the second day of the board education, we focus on the different disciplines of board work that you will sooner or later work with in your board work.

    Professional board members and leading experts will teach the strategy process, financing growth, buying and selling companies, the role of the board in communication, board recruitment and evaluation.

    On the third day, we test the participants in The Board Game, a specially developed interactive simulation game on professional board work. The Board Game proceeds as an advanced case involving a number of challenges that test the participants’ overview and sharpen their ability to handle commercial, strategic, legal and financial challenges and dilemmas.

    The day also offers the opportunity to try out, confidentially and risk-free, the new tools you will be introduced to during the first two days.

    More about the board education

    The Board Certificate program gives you the necessary tools and enables you to be an even better and effective board member. Since 2011 our goal is to accelerate your journey towards excellence in board work, both professionally and career-wise. We know you need to be strongly poised to take on your board duties.

    Background for the education

    A board program is the perfect opportunity for those who would like to get a diploma to provide evidence of their skills – or those who need the right platform for preparing the way to their first professional directorship. 

    Our goal is to strengthen your role as an active board member. The Board Certificate program provides you with the necessary aids to handle complicated board work and enables you to be an even better and efficient board member – and at the same time minimise your personal liability.

    The speakers on the Board Certificate program are all personal selected for their theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience within value-creating board work. We update the list of speakers continuingly to ensure the latest trends within the field.

    Location and stay overnight

    The educations all have central locations in beautiful and professional surroundings with good transport and parking options.

    If you need to stay overnight, it is possible to make use of the company agreements that Board Company has entered into with the locations.

    We also offer …

    In addition, you have the opportunity to become a part of our Board Forum. – An exclusive forum for business leaders and board members who want to gain insight into the latest trends in board work, as well as optimise their network within board communities through the 8 annual events.

    As an international supplement, Board Company offers the international board program Advanced Board Program.
    The program is held at the well-known Columbia Business School in New York and lasts 5 intensive days.

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